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Streetwise is a Youth Skill-Building Activity

Streetwise enables organisations to better engage with young people. Streetwise is a Youth Skill-Building Activity where young people practice essential enterprise or foundation skills such as Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Digital Skills, Financial Literacy, Problem Solving, Presentation Skills, and Teamwork.

At Streetwise, young people create content that gets published on

We co-design

Streetwise equips youth workers, mentors or teachers to coach participants via a practical project designed by the young person themselves. Young people build skills and confidence by developing original content to inspire others. The final content is published on the Streetwise platform – an informational website with different content channels.


The Streetwise framework follows co-designing principles, meaning participation and content development build on mutual engagement and respect. These principles ensure inclusive, respectful, participative, iterative, and outcome-focused activities.

Streetwise is currently delivered to Australian Government youth programs (Transition to Work).

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