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Streetwise is a Youth Skill-Building Activity

Streetwise enables organisations to better engage with young people. Streetwise is a Youth Skill-Building Activity where young people practice essential enterprise or foundation skills such as Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Digital Skills, Financial Literacy, Problem Solving, Presentation Skills, and Teamwork.

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At Streetwise, young people create content that gets published on

We co-design

Streetwise equips youth workers, mentors or teachers to coach participants via a practical project designed by the young person themselves. Young people build skills and confidence by developing original content to inspire others. The final content is published on the Streetwise platform – an informational website with different content channels.


The Streetwise framework follows co-designing principles, meaning participation and content development build on mutual engagement and respect. These principles ensure inclusive, respectful, participative, iterative, and outcome-focused activities.

Streetwise is currently delivered to Australian Government youth programs (Transition to Work).

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