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Matchbox is a Career and Personal Development Program



Career Development

The Matchbox Career Development Program empowers jobseekers and micro-businesses to secure employment by creating intelligent and creative job applications. Participants end up with a resume, and a cover letter to make it on the top of the pile.

Personal Development

The Matchbox Personal Development program increases self-awareness and self-reflection on well-being, health, identity skills, and talent. It strengthens values, beliefs, and purpose, allowing better decision-making and goal-setting.


Matchbox programs transform lives, enable job creation and placement through traditional methods, and reignite peoples' confidence to self-promote and reactivate personal and business networks.

The Matchbox Program helped more than 1000 people to build the skills to secure work. We supported Australian high schools, Australian Government youth programs (Transition to Work), Australian Apprenticeships Centres, Australian employment services providers, and the arts sector.

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