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Backswing is a Community Engagement Program

Backswing is about groups of people working together to face challenges, identify their strengths, aim at a sweet spot and follow through with impact. Backswing community projects have three goals:

  • Deliver a significant outcome of lasting benefit to local communities

  • Develop the employability skills of each participant in the project group

  • Establish self-functioning networks of people who help each other to do great work after completing the Backswing project.

The Backswing framework is designed to be agile, thrive through challenges, and applies to different cohorts and communities.

Focus Area and Objectives

Communities: A dedicated group develops an information campaign on an important local community issue. It is developed from conception to delivery by the group, in consultation with community partners and project coordination from the hosts.


Participants: The participants develop and improve employability skills and identify work opportunities while working on the project.

Networks: The group builds a network of working relationships with employers, local organisations and supporters. Group members support each other in the search for great work.

Previous Projects

The Backswing Program is currently a part of the Australian Government’s Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) program and was previously a part of the Australian Government's Empowering YOUth Initiative. Backswing supported the Australian Government youth program, Transition to Work, and the Indigenous Contemporary Music Program funded by the Australian Government. 

Backswing your Community

The Backswing framework can be applied to your community. All it needs is a suitable campaign topic; a group of people; access to a training room and equipment; one contract trainer inducted into Backswing systems; the capacity within a local organisation to recruit and select participants; a small campaign ‘budget’; and a network to provide job opportunities and additional supports to address participant barriers.

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