Giving people the power to do great work.

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Training Program

We empower jobseekers to stand out in the competitive job market. 

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Community Engagement Project

We offer opportunities to build skills

and deliver outcomes for communities. 

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Online Community Network

We connect local employers and local jobseekers. 

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  • Turn provides opportunities for people to help themselves, their friends and their networks to do great work

  • Turn offers easy-to-use tools to get great work – whether it's your next job, your first job or a start-up enterprise

  • Turn shifts power back to jobseekers in their dealings with employers, governments and government appointed providers

  • Turn is based in Australia, but has a mission to help people do great work anywhere in the world.



Donovan John Szypura, founder of Turn and director of programs, wears many hats. Donovan has an Associate Degree in Adult Continuing Education and Teaching (Swiss Federation of Adult Learning). His previous career in the advertising and marketing industry builds the backbone when developing and delivering creative and innovative Turn programs.

Mathew Fagan is a regular contractor on Turn projects. Mathew holds bachelor's degrees in law and arts (communication) and has held senior positions in government and the private sector. Mathew is a writer and negotiator and has recently focused on securing major projects for clients in the community and not-for-profit sector. 


Products and Services

Turn offers direct services that give people the power to do great work. Turn also partners with other organisations with a mission to empower people and build communities.

The Matchbox Program
Training Program

Matchbox empowers jobseekers and micro-businesses to secure employment in the competitive job market through creating smart and creative campaigns and by building employability skills. Participants leave Matchbox equipped with a powerful plan and a customised personal marketing campaign.


The Matchbox program transforms lives and enables job creation and job placement, not only through traditional methods but by reigniting peoples' confidence to self-promote and reactivate personal and business networks.

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The Backswing Community Project
Community Engagement Project

Backswing projects have three parallel goals. First, to deliver a great outcome of lasting benefit to local communities. Second, to develop the employability skills of each of the participants in the project group. And third, to establish self-functioning networks of people who help each other to do great work long after the Backswing project has been completed.  


Backswing projects are about people working together to face challenges, identify their strengths, aim at a sweet spot and follow through with impact.

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Online Community Network

Meshwork is an online community for jobs in specific regions or industries. It offers a solution to connect employers with jobseekers in communities, while also improving employment and training services coordination.


Each Meshwork community is designed for and owned by, an organisation that has an interest in achieving job outcomes in specific geographic regions or specific industries.




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Turn has secured major projects in Southern Tasmania and delivers programs for diverse groups of all ages, including high school students, youth programs, apprenticeship centres, parenting programs, arts organisations, employment service providers, and vocational training organisations.


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Turn (Australia)

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